Support Mi'kmaw lobster fishers


Our partners in Sipekne’katik First Nation, Nova Scotia, are asking for our support! 

Mi’kmaw lobster fishers are under attack by settler fishers; meanwhile, the government and the police stand by and watch the attacks carry on.

Read CPT’s statement of support with the Mi’kmaw.

Media coverage has been bleak and minimal. We want to send a message that the international community is watching. Take part in our social media campaign to draw attention to the unfolding situation.

Please take action with us: Take a selfie while holding up a sign that says 

“WE ARE WATCHING – uphold Treaty #1752” 

At the bottom, write the country where you are located.

Please post these photos on your facebook AND email them to

We will post them up on the Turtle Island Solidarity Network’s (TISN’s) Facebook page, and send them to the Mi’kmaw lobster fisher community so that they can feel our support. 

While this is short notice, if you could submit your photos within the next 24 hours this will help create a base for a broader campaign to our constituency. Please also invite folks in your community to take part!

In the last month violence has erupted in Nova Scotia as Mi’kmaw lobster fishers enact their treaty rights to fish lobster outside of the government legislated season. According to Treaty #1752 and the Marshal Decision from the Supreme Court of Canada, Mi’kmaw lobster fishers have the right to fish out of season to make a moderate livelihood. Yet when Mik’maw lobster fishers took to the water they faced violence from settler lobster fishers.

We are receiving reports of boats being rammed and burned, lobster traps destroyed and stolen, Mi’kmaw vehicles being targeted by arson, and Mik’maw lobster fishers and their supporters being physically assaulted. We have also received reports that a couple Mi’kmaw lobster fishers were barricaded in a building two nights ago and—while settlers threw rocks and threatened to burn it down with them inside—the police stood by and did nothing.

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