RCMP Are Currently Raiding Gidimt'en Checkpoint! Please Make Calls To Demand They Stop Today!

November 19, 2021

Call your representatives today and demand the raids on the Wet’suwet’en Nation stop immediately and demand the release of all land defenders.

In yesterday’s raid, 15 persons, including CPT friends and partners: Wet’suwet’en elders Auntie Janet and Lawrence and 1492 Land Back Lane spokesperson Skyler Williams, were arrested during an RMCP raid at the Gidimt’en Checkpoint. The police were armed with assault weapons and accompanied by attack dog teams. The provocative actions are escalating tensions and violate the sovereignty of the Wet’suwet’en people.

In addition to the raid, the RCMP are openly violating the human rights of the Wet’suwet’en people again. The driver of a vehicle carrying food and medical supplies was blocked by an arbitrary, illegal police exclusion zone and threatened with arrest.


“I am calling in regards to the raid and the illegal exclusion zone set up by the RCMP on Wet’sutwet’en territory. The RCMP denying indigenous people access to their territory is a direct violation of the UN Deceleration of the Rights of Indigenous People. Preventing access to medical and food supplies to starve a population in a conflict between nations is considered a siege and is a war crime and a gross violation of human rights. The RCMP’s use of illegal exclusion zones has already been condemned by the BC courts and must end now! Use your power to make them stand down immediately. The world is watching!”

1. Let your representatives know how you feel about the treatment of Indigenous peoples.

Mike Farnworth 


Phone: (250) 356-2178

Murray Rankin


Phone: (250) 953-4844

Marc Miller  


Phone: (613) 995-6403

2. Organize a rally or action in your area. Find tools here.

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