Iraqi Kurdistan: Organise a protest in solidarity with Badinan Activists​

September 25, 2021

At this time there are 78 Activists from the Badinan region of Iraqi Kurdistan in prison. 17 of them have been charged with espionage and sabotage despite lack of evidence. The Kurdistan Regional Government is targeting these people because they have spoken out against government corruption and for fair treatment of workers. They are being made an example of, to discourage others from criticising the government. We are campaigning for their freedom.

You can support this struggle by organising a solidarity protest in your country.

Recently a group of activists in the Netherlands protested against the detainment of the Badinan activists and this has led to members of the Iraqi government taking a greater interest in the case. We need to continue this vital international pressure.

We suggest organising a protest out in front of offices of Iraqi or Kurdistan region representatives in your country or phoning the offices to voice your concerns for freedom of expression and ask for the immediate release of the Badinan Activists.

Please send us photos of any actions you organise so we can share them on our social media and families and friends of the activists can learn about your support.

We have been following these trials closely and have a number of articles and reports on our website which you can easily access.


Freedom of Expression Under Threat

Trials of the 9 Badinan Activists

Accusation Without Evidence

Other material:

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