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Defund Racism: A Palestinian Call for Solidarity

November 28, 2021 | 20:00 Palestine / 12:00 CT

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Join Christian Peacemaker Teams-Palestine and the Good Shepherd Collective for a conversation on international structures and funding sources that perpetuate racism and the Israeli Occupation in Palestine.

Join us for the webinar on November 28, 2021 at 12.00 CT / 20.00 Palestine

Bana Abu Zuluf

Bana Abu Zuluf is a researcher and community activist with the Good Shepherd Collective. She played a crucial role in developing the Campaign to Defund Racism - designed to organize over 200 Palestinian organizations, villages and individuals from across historic Palestine - to stop the flow of charitable money to Israeli settler organizations.

Hisham Sharabati

Hisham Sharabati is a Palestinian Human Rights defender based in Hebron. He is a co-founder and coordinator of the Hebron Defense Committee, a nonviolent resistance group that works against the colonial presence and the occupation in the city of Hebron and all forms of colonialism and racism in Palestine. Currently, he is a field worker for the Palestinian Human Rights organization which documents the occupation's violations and the Palestinian Authority in the city. He is a journalist by profession and has worked for both local and international media. He is based in Hebron, where he lived most of his life and saw the growth of the colonial settler enclaves - this inspires him to be active in nonviolent resistance.

Ahmad Abu Monshar

Ahmad Abu Monshar is a Palestinian activist from Hebron. He works with the Christian Peacemakers Teams, where he monitors human rights abuses, Israeli military activity, and settler violence. He is a nonviolence activist and co-founder of the book club 'Books Not Walls in Bethlehem.'

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